What Is The Value Of A Grain Of Sand?

The dental clinic of the missionary hospital was in dire need of a mobile dental x-ray unit. To help find a solution, Dr. John visited Dent Important, a Peruvian company that sells dental instruments, equipment and supplies, during one of his trips to Lima.

Señor Alcántara and the missionary doctor recognized each other immediately. They had met three years ago, when the doctor gave a private presentation about the story of Diospi Suyana to the business man.

All discounts included, the x-ray unit was supposed to cost 7500 Soles. But given that the two men knew each other, Señor Alcántara did away with his profit and lowered the price to 5000 Soles.

"I want to contribute a grain of sand to the Diospi Suyana hospital!" said the Peruvian entrepreneur. And that’s why we now know the value of a grain of sand: 2500 Soles.

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