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What does the world of advertising have to do with God?

Both of them know what makes people tick and what we desire

No one knows us as well as the advertising apostles.  Their slogans hit the nail on the head and speak brilliantly to our subconscious. Geiz ist geil (“Avarice is cool”), the slogan of Media Markt, describes the human heart as it is.  “Unterm Strich zähl ich” (“When it comes to the bottom line it is all about me”) – is a formula promoted by Postbank.  Everyone nods, because all of us always think about ourselves first.

Among these millions of individualists and egoists things get very cold around us.  We feel more and more alone.  Our souls go into frozen mode.  Of course the advertising-experts are the first who know that this is the case.  Two days ago at a crossroads I saw Dr Oetker’s solution for our cold selves.  The product in the bag not only warms our stomachs, but also – and that is much more important – our souls.  With this reminder of our inner freezer Dr Oetker wants to push up its sales.  The help that advertising offers is never selfless, on the contrary at the end of the day it wants our money, our time and our personal data.

God is totally different.  He knows us inside out.  Not surprising really, since he is the one who made us.  And he provides a solution that seems extremely tempting.  He forgives us our contaminations (sins) und fills us to the brim with his love and presence.  And now comes the icing on the cake: he offers us eternal life – the ultimate solution for our mortality.  That is why the Christian faith is the most successful offer (product) of world history.

I often wonder why so few people take up this unbeatable offer. /KDJ

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