What does Kasper Skarhoj have to do with us?

The Diospi Suyana webpage use the Content Management System called “Typo 3” which was designed by the Dane, Kasper Skarhoj and has been running since 1997 as an Open Source program. Because it is easy to use, is has become well known and is used worldwide.

However, what is a little known fact is that this programming genius has become a dedicated Christian through his work.

In the preface of a user’s manual for Typo 3 he wrote “When I realized how much knowledge I needed just to develop a relatively simple Content Management System, it became clear to me that life could never have just spontaneously come into existence. There must have been something behind the formation of intelligence – namely, God.

Another of his publications begins with the following dedication:

I, Kasper Skarhoj, would like to dedicate this manual to the following persons :

To all my Typo 3 friends from the tours – you snowboarders that help me see that there are real people behind that emails – you make it all worthwhile.

To my dear wife, Rie. Thanks for your patience and the love you have given to me, even when the workload falls on your shoulders.

To my Savior, Jesus Christ! Thanks for creating this wonderful world with all its potential and for creating the people who likewise do wonderful things for us. Thanks that You are the way, the truth and the life!

In any case Typo 3 is a standard among CMS Systems. Every day thousands access the Typo3.com and Typo3.org site and hundreds of downloads of the demo version confirm the continuing interest in this CMS.

Today Typo 3 is used in both medium-sized and large companies as wel as at municipalities and public places and has proved itself there very well.

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