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Our dearest book

On Sunday several Christians from various denominations organised a Bible March in Curahuasi.  Many of Diospi Suyana’s missionaries also took part in the event.

It would be a very long shot to call Peruvians avid readers.  The average book read per inhabitant in a year is well under one.  But one exception proves the rule as regards the population’s reading-lethargy: Peruvians often read in the Bible.  Compared to Western Europeans most evangelical Christians in Peru have quite a good biblical knowledge.  No one is embarrassed reading a Bible in the bus or on a park bench.

When speaking privately to Peruvians one often hears them reporting how the Bible changed their lives.  The person who has discovered God’s power in the book of all books likes to encourage others also to have a browse in the black book.

Let’s be honest, what is the alternative to the Bible?  We won’t find help and hope for our lives in the newest IKEA catalogue and there is no point scanning the science section of our daily newspaper with hope of finding the answers to life’s questions.  More often than not readers experience that the Biblical texts shine into their lives like headlights reaching them from eternity.  That is why the Bible is our dearest book. /KDJ

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