Diospi Suyana’s website subject to Cyberwarfare

Massive attacks on our domain in the past few weeks

Over the past few weeks hackers have continually attacked Diospi Suyana’s website.  Recently up to 300 attacks a day coming especially from the former Eastern Bloc States and the Arab World have persistently tried to access the administrator level of “www.diospi-suyana.org“.   In one instance our website was accessed over thirty-thousand times by Russian users.  In these phases our website was flooded and practically came to a standstill.

A possible reason for these attacks could be our critical comments to Mohammed’s life.  On 21st December 2016 we compared the teachings and the lifestyle of Jesus Christ and Mohammed.

Please contact us immediately, if you notice any suspicious activity on our website.  Diospi Suyana stands for Christian values and invokes the freedom of opinion in a democratic society.

We cordially thank Bernd Schermuly for his tight inspections and defensive measures.

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