We take our hats off to this woman

The activist from the Diospi Suyana base

At least once a year, Gisela Graf asks for an up-to-date picture of the employees in Curahuasi. And at the latest after the first or second reminder, I send her sister a JPG shot. Gisela herself doesn’t have the Internet, but she has a hot line to the top. In the morning, she prays for the missionaries at Diospi Suyana based on the photo. She does it with conviction and dedication. She invests between one and a half and two hours in this prayer time. And some people still wonder why Diospi Suyana is so successful.

Gisela Graf at the founding of the association in 2002. She is in the front row with the blue blouse.

She has been with Diospi Suyana since the association was founded in 2002. The friendly Wiesbaden native has spent 20 years of her life working as an educator and 20 years as a geriatric nurse. She was married to Uli Graf for 16 years. He suffered from a number of diseases, including chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

“You gave your husband ten extra years!” the attending physician once said. He knew the loving and caring attention Gisela gave her husband.

Gisela Graf, née Stücher is an old hand in the state capital. The 83-year-old was confirmed as a teenager by Pastor Herfurth in the Evangelical Ring Church.

For many people, faith is an up and down and a struggle for truth. Gisela never doubted God. “I notice that my trust in God is gaining depth!” she says over the phone. “And I have never regretted getting involved with Diospi Suyana. Faith is like a great promise over my life!” /KDJ