We say thank you – Peruvian Government helps Diospi Suyana

An Emergency Bill facilitates the work of all charitable hospitals

On Friday morning a personalised message from the governmental palace reached us: “The Emergency Bill has been published!”  Up until 6 months after the end of the pandemic foreign doctors can now work at charitable hospitals without have to pass several bureaucratic hurdles.

It was a long battle.  On 24th March the Head of State Francisco Sagasti visited the Hospital Diospi Suyana accompanied by Health Minister Oscar Ugarte.  The missionary doctors asked the President to modify a Bill from 2020.  That decree stated that foreign doctors in possession of a doctor title in their home country can work at governmental institutions in Peru.  But unfortunately this possibility did not include “non-profit private hospitals”.  As of Thursday more than 20 hospitals, one of being Diospi Suyana, can employ overseas doctors without bureaucratic stress.

Over the past two weeks seven TV-channels had supported Diospi Suyana’s application.  Last Friday an important meeting took place between the Health Minister, the head of the legal department, Dr John and a lawyer from Olaechea Solicitors.  Six days later the Emergency Bill was made public, signed by the Head of State, the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the Finance Minister.

This is the key paragraph.

We most cordially thank the President, the ministers and the head of the legal department for their support.  Our thanks also goes to the lawyers of Olaechea Solicitors and the Advisor to the Head of State.  In the background a certain Percy Zuñiga used his contacts to push our matter of concern to the dignitaries over the last ten months.

We were delighted about the TV-channels’ positive coverage.  Headed by Doris Manco our Media Centre was able to influence many measures taken.  The result is an unbelievable success.

Steven de Jager, finance director of the missionary hospital, said yesterday morning: “It is time for a fourth book about Diospi Suyana’s story!”  He is right.  It is hard to undercut the probability of Sagasti’s visit that took place in March.  And that one week before the Presidential Elections a Bill is passed in favour of charitable hospitals is another miracle.  The background of this drama that lasted several months is reminiscent of a crime thriller.  Firstly, and also finally we thank God who has never let Diospi Suyana down./KDJ




At lunchtime outside the Health Ministry Office.  Policemen protect the entrance.  Inside Dr John delivers a talk to the head of the legal department as a thank you.
On the other side of the street citizens from one of Lima’s suburbs demand than an oxygen system be bought: “We want no further casualties!” is written on the sign.
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