Why Did They Come to Us?

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Interesting Insight

Its 8:45 in the morning.  Over 300 people sit or stand in the chapel or hospital waiting room. For the unprejudiced observer, the idea comes immediately that the hospital here was built too small.  The vast majority of patients have traveled many hours to be here.  Why did these Quechua Indians drive past many other clinics?  The following list states some of the reasons.

– “My neighbors strongly recommended this hospital.”

– “Here they tell me what I really suffer from.”

– “The doctors and nurses treat me with respect.”

– “Diospi Suyana has the best prices in the whole country.”

– “The doctors here don’t just want my money. One notices that immediately!”

– “Diospi Suyana is a hospital of faith.  Maybe God will make me healthy here!”

– “I saw a television report about Diospi Suyana.”

– “Other places cannot help me.”

– “At Diospi Suyana they explain to me my sickness and therapy.”

– “I have stayed here many times as a patient. It is a matter of trust!”

– “The hospital has modern equipment!”

– “Even in the chapel you feel and notice a different spirit!”

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