Is that it?

Moto red

The next step for the Klemenz

Since February 2005, Udo and Barbara Klemenz have been closely associated with Diospi Suyana. The civil engineer built the Diospi Suyana Hospital, our dental clinic, a facility for our kidds clubs and last but not least the Diospi Suyana School. They have earned their retirement, and so they will pack their bags in three months and return to Germany. No one could have predicted the past, present or future of Diospi Suyana without the help of these two activists. – We wish them many happy years full of energy and health.

UdoBarbaraMotoA red
The Klemenz on their special motorcycle. What direction will they take?

Will they appear again in Curahuasi to take on another project?

But at some point in everyone’s life they have to say: “That’s it!”

I remember a bumper sticker I saw years ago. “On the road in the name of the Lord!” No matter where your travels take you, we wish Barbara and Udo Klemenz precisely this experience for the rest of their lives. / KDJ


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