When Will the Construction Stop?

Montage Tuerschloesser


Dear Diospi Suyana Friends and readers of the building report, next week begins the second school year for the Colegio Diospi Suyana.  Suddenly there are more than just construction workers at the school, as teachers and volunteers are setting things up and cleaning their spaces.  Most of the construction work at the school is in the school garden, but we are also working to ensure the last door locks are mounted, toilets are installed, missing paint is applied, etc.  The window manufacturer has made a glass partition for the library and also installed windows in the formerly windowless kindergarten basement.  They are also installing partitions between the toilets in the kindergarten bathrooms.

The other half of the construction crew is up at the hospital and is making good progress on the sanitation project.  All the ditches have been dug and only three of the eight sewer wells/manholes still need to be concreted.  Soon we will need to connect the two small septic tanks of the hospital with the sewage system.  It sounds simpler than it will be, but I will write more about that in the next few weeks.

Until then I wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend, Johannes

Der Schulgarten
The school garden. It is always orderly.
Der Fensterbauer vor seinem Werk
The window manufacturer in front of the glass wall in the library.
Auch der Keller des Kindergartens hat jetzt Fenster und Tueren
The basement of the kindergarten now has windows and doors.
Christian Bigalke sortiert die vielen Schluessel
Director Christian Bigalke sorts the many keys.
Ein Schacht wird zum betonieren vorbereitet
A concrete manhole is prepared.
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