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Walking into the future on two legs

Daniel Müller helps a young cancer patient

Juan Carlos, a young man full of dreams and ideas, lives in the city of Tarapoto in North-eastern Peru.  But three years ago his right knee started swelling and that was the beginning of a downward spiral.  The devastating diagnosis: bone cancer.  In Lima’s children’s hospital they amputated his leg.  Only someone who has been through the same ordeal can imagine what the teenager was going through psychologically.  He would never be able to run or play football again.  Would he ever be able to stand upright again?

In October 2018 orthopaedic technician Daniel Müller started administering to his needs.  Juan received a temporary prosthesis and started to hope again.  Then he was hit by the second setback: pulmonary metastases.  The treatment he was given in Lima took him to the limits of what he could bear.  During this time many people folded their hands and prayed for him.

A couple of days ago Juan came back to Curahuasi.  Daniel had made a prosthesis with adequate cosmetics for him.  Thankfully he is now able to walk without a walking-stick or crutches and will return home to his parents in Tarapoto in a few days.  The fourteen year-old will now be able to mingle freely among his peers and be a “normal teenager”.

The real costs for his whole treatment are around €10,000.  But due to the fact that Daniel works as a missionary for the hospital and that Diospi Suyana receives many materials as donations, the costs could be reduced to €600 (2,200 Soles).

The stories that Daniel Müller writes in the orthopaedic workshop are truly heart-warming.

The perfectionist Daniel Müller making the prosthesis.
Daniel and Juan Carlos, who is standing on two legs.
Juan Carlos with physio Ana in the Hospital Diospi Suyana.