From the Inka path into the operation room

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Soon she will go back to the mountains

The village Mollepata is by car about an hour away from Curahuasi. Many tourists start their hike around the huge mountain Salkantay (6271m) in Mollepata. Teresa Huaman* makes her living as a tourist guide. She is used to the height and is smiling when the visitors from Europe are out of breath. But her last trek two weeks ago wasn’t easy for her as well since she had a severe pain in her lower abdomen with every step she took.

On Wednesday morning a gynecologist in Cusco did a uterine abrasion (curettage) on her because of a supposed miscarriage. But the pain didn’t subside and so she came to the hospital Diospi Suyana looking for help. The ultrasound examination revealed the diagnosis right away: a tubal pregnancy.

Tubal pregnancies are not only painful, but can lead to life threatening bleedings when they rupture. Thanks to the professional surgery performed by Dr. Jens Hassfeld Teresa has recovered and is well. (* name changed)

In the upper picture you recognize a cystic enlargement of the uterine tube (below the testing probe). In this place the pregnancy established. After the surgery (picture below) there is only a short stump of the uterine tube left.

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