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Radio Diospi Suyana

Visiting the children of an Indian village

Great fun at the end of year programme in Totoray

On 30th November a team headed by Doris Manco visited the small Indian village of Totoray.  The entertainment programme made the children’s hearts beat faster.  Songs and games to join in, a treasure hunt and a campfire, a film and a tasty meal.  It goes without saying that the children were hooked right from the start.  The highlight was that the children heard the Christmas story.  God came onto the world’s stage in the form of a child, simply because he loves us humans, each one of us!  Since that historic event a hope exists for all of us.  No one need doubt, irrespective of how difficult his/her life circumstances currently are.

We congratulate our Peruvian staff to their wonderful effort in the mountains of Curahuasi.

Playing sports in the open air.
The treasure has been found.
Children praying.  Does a better piece of news exist: God loves you!