Visited By an Angel

Sr. Jaime Rojas visiting the Diospi Suyana construction site The company’s website

It’s about 10 am on Wednesday. A car pulls up and an older gentleman gets out. “Hi, I am Sr. Jaime Rojas and own a company that sells medical products. I read about Diospi Suyana in “Somos” and wanted to check the project out myself.”

Dr John who is sitting in is office takes advantage of the situation. He takes the company head through a one-hour powerpoint presentation and then gives him the tour of the building.

“Of course, we want to help. We could give you a good amount of products for free.” he says.

Thinking of the future, Dr John asks for a 50% discount on all products. “Sure. No problem.” says Sr. Rojas and gets back into his car.

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