An art exhibition in the Diospi-Suyana-School

Over the past few days many of us had eagerly awaited the opening of our art exhibition.  Finally Friday evening came.  Parents, teachers, pupils and interested Curahuasinos entered the school’s dining room and were amazed.  The 22 drawings, a couple of oil-paintings and the photo-collage were all made by pupils from years 2 to 8 and bear witness to outstanding talent.  Especially Leonardo’s creations were eye-catching.  The pupil has only been in year 8 for a couple of weeks.

Musical contributions and a short message rounded off the evening. Dr. Martina John (as Principal of the board) and Christian Bigalke (as Head of School) presented the young artists with drawing sets.  Through the sale of these artworks we hope to be able to finance similar projects in future.

This wonderful evening was made possible by Manuela Lara, who worked in an honorary capacity.  This young artist from Bogotá has provided high-quality art-classes over the course of the last 10 weeks.  The Columbian promotes many pupils’ talents in a very inspiring way and uncovers the children’s great potential.

But that it not the only thing to be attributed to her: towards the end of the evening she, together with Dr. Martina John and building engineer Udo Klemenz, unveiled a wall painting.  This work of art in the school’s entrance hall brilliantly symbolises the school’s vision.  Christ’s promise in Matthew 18,3 is basis for this “Mural”.  The Kingdom of Heaven is open for those who trust in God.  The onlooker sees children helping each other onto a roof.  In the figurative sense they overcome the obstacles of this world and paint their ideas of God’s Kingdom into the sky.

We thank Manuela Lara most cordially for her amazing commitment.

Curahuasi in Colour
The exhibition
Presenting the young artists
Manuela Lara from Columbia: creative and hard-working.
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