Forget Gingerbreadmen and candycanes

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The newest trend is: Diospi Granola

Todays’ news is an important message from Christine Fleck from Kirchheimbolanden. A few years ago, she came up with a special form of granola; healthy for you and helpful for Diospi Suyana.

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Packed into little bags

Dear Diospi-Friends! For everyone who wants to give Diospi Granola as a Christmas gift, to add it to their own cookie creation, to sell it on Advent- or Christmasmarkets for Diospi Suyana, or to spread it over their breakfast cereal:

I would love to produce lots of granola, but please give me sufficient notice – I´m a one person business!

Presentation: Ladenburger Adventslust market 19.11. – 21.11.2015 or Christkindel market in Kirchheimbolanden 4.12. – 6.12.2015 . Only to name a few. And of course you can find Diospi-Granola on each one of those markets. 500g of homemade Diospi granola cereal costs 5 Euro of which the entire sum goes to Diospi Suyana.

For a fun twist – Diospi Granola Cookies: Melt 100 g (or 50 g for the first try) of your favorite chocolate. Add several tablespoons to the Diospi Granola until you have a cohesive mixture. Then use a spoon to drop small piles onto the baking sheet. Let it cool and your delicious Diospi-Granossi-Confection is ready to enjoy!

For a christmasi version you can simply add gingerbread spices (becareful to not add to much). This is definately the cutest way to support Diospi Suyana. More Info:

Für eine weihnachtlichere Variante einfach etwas Lebkuchen-Gewürz (vorsichtig dosiert) dazugeben. Das  ist bestimmt die süßeste Art Diospi Suyana zu unterstützen. mehr Info:

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