Paralyzed Theodolo

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Patient striving towards an amazing result

In May 2009, patient Theodolo got caught in a terrible car accident which, sadly, left both his legs paralyzed. Horrific news to a young man.

A few weeks on he began his treatment as an inpatient at Diospi Suyana Hospital. Our physiotherapist at that time, Jana Füllbrandt, cared for him. Week by week, month by month she looked after her patient at least once a day. It was a tough undertaking which, for a long time, showed no visible results.

One day, however, he was suddenly able to move his legs a little. A ray of hope on the horizon. Countless physiotherapeutic exercises were to follow. In November of the same year and with Jana’s instruction, for the first time Theodolo started walking again. Initially  supported by parallel bars, later by crutches. Eventually he was sent home. It was a true triumph over human suffering.

Some might argue that virtually any man, when aided by such a pretty physiotherapist, would learn walking again. This may be subject to individual views.

The entire hospital team, however, shared in the fabulous success achieved by our coworker from northern Germany. On one occasion and on this website she was described as „fresh wind from the north“ – that’s what she was, at least for Theodolo.

Note: In January 2014 Theodolo paid a visit to Diospi Suyana Hospital. He is fully mobile and runs his own dressmaker’s shop.

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