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Update from the kindergarten building site

And the lift shaft

Dear Readers of the weekly building report, it seems that this year’s rainy season has started earlier than usual.  Almost every night this week we experienced heavy rainfall, at times with lightning.  Rain, for us at the kindergarten building site, is like water off a duck’s back, while at the lift shaft building site things are somewhat different, but we have not encountered major problems there yet.

As I wrote last week the access ramp was this week’s task.  The balustrade’s walls have been plastered and the ramp, with a prescribed incline of max. 7%, has been filled and compressed.  Tomorrow we will concrete the bottom plate.

The first window- and door-units have been put in place on the upper floor, but the panes are still missing.  The floor tiles have been laid in the foyer and in the chair storage area.  Once the door frames are in place upstairs we can finish the tiling work and can fit the end rails.

The façade’s plastering work has almost been completed.  Only the balcony edges need to be plastered and the balcony undersides need to be smoothed.

Moving to the Eye Clinic’s lift shaft: the trench depth and the first section above the ground-floor-level have been concreted.  As the works require workforce we are slightly short on staff at the kindergarten.  For example: in half a day’s work 10 men are needed to make concrete, transport it 50m in wheelbarrows and then put it in place using buckets.

If nothing out of the ordinary happens, I am fairly confident that we will have completed the bulk of the work before my departure.  Cordial greetings and wishing you a good and blessed new week, Udo

Plastering the ramp’s wall.

The lower part of the ramp has been filled.

The first window- and door-units are in place on the first floor.
Fitting the window panes in the ground floor window frames.
The lower door rail has been fitted between the tiles.
Cement plaster is put on the balcony edges, the undersides are being smoothed.
The boys’ toilets without cabins and urinal screens.
Concreting the elevator core box.
The lift shaft’s second section has been stripped of the formwork, the third is currently being reinforced.