Über 10.000 Patientenbesuche

On the 22nd of October the hospital first opened its doors with a skeleton staff of 30. Ever since that day the number of patients has continuously increased until yesterday the hospital registered the 10,000th patient visit.

The mission hospital offers services in the following areas :

12 Outpatient Offices with 7 doctors attending

Physiotherapy with 2 physiotherapists


Laboratory with a staff of 3

CT, Ultrasound & X-ray services with 3 missionary personnel

Pharmacy with a staff of 2

Hospital Ward with approximately 20 nurses

4 Operating Rooms (currently only 2 are functional)


Kitchen, Cleaning, Maintenance, Securityguards and Gardeners.

Still to open for service : Emergency, ICU

This means that very soon the current staffing level of 75 will be too small.

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