Udo on the Road

Last weekend Civil Engineer, Udo Klemenz had the opportunity to show the new Diospi Suyana film twice. On Saturday he showed the film at his 45th High School Reunion with 20 people in attendance. His old school friends were so touched by the movie that they pressed him with donations for the hospital.

The second showing came from an invitation from Mr Wilfried Knab from Wiesbaden, who invited Diospi Suyana to a Saint Hedwig-Pfarrei meeting. The occasion was to include traditional “old world” food from the “Familenkrieses TEE” and Diospi Suyana was pleased to support it. Fitting in with the theme, a Peruvian soup was served. Mrs. Lieselotte Knab had heard about the project from an article in the local newspaper and then a second time from another report that had pledged 10% of the proceeds to us.

Udo Klemenz made the presentation with a lot of enthusiasm and it is obvious that his history with Diospi Suyana left a deep impression. At the end of the meeting, the 65 participants collected a total of 602 Euros for the hospital. Many thanks to all!

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