Udo Klemenz’ New Construction Site

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana,

The national holidays in Peru are over and we are back on the construction site. As typical after a break, it took us a while to get back up to speed. The form work for the ceiling has been removed and two carpenters have started working on the attics. Every day we are pouring concrete for about 10m. While one the electric hoist was taken down after the concrete for the top ceilings had been poured, I am renting the other one until August 20th. That way, we can easily pull up the concrete for the attics.

Inside the building, the construction of the interior walls continues.

In order to make use of all our resources, including our workers, we have kicked off the extension of the "Consulta Externa". This hospital extension will add four rooms to the "consulta" or outpatient offices.

Greetings from Udo

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