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Udo Klemenz’ last building report

Can you really believe this? We can’t

Since 2005 the building reports of our dear engineer have been regular, core part of our week.  Coming Thursday we will officially say goodbye to Udo and Barbara in Curahuasi and on the 13th the two of them will fly back to Germany.  What is to be said about their time here?  Everyone who knows Diospi Suyana is aware of the Klemenz’ incredible and faithful dedication: in total they have spent 10 years of their lives in building up our missionary work: voluntarily, passionately and faithfully.  Their names are inextricably linked with the story of Diospi Suyana.

… Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, in my last building report I can write about further progress in Curahuasi.

Upstairs the tilers have packed up their things and the painter now has all the space he needs to complete his work.  Downstairs the partition walls are been put in in the toilets and the final washbasins are hanging.  All the plastering work, including the attica, has been completed.

The large tidying up and dismantling of the building site has started.  The iron-bending shelter has been taken down, in the former jumping pit we have laid a thin concrete floor and the surrounding area has been levelled.  Likewise, the concrete shed no longer exists.

On Saturday the 6th section of the eye clinic’s lift shaft will be concreted.  Before we can build the seventh section and the final concrete ceiling, we need to deconstruct a section of the clinic’s roof, since the shaft extends above the existing eaves height.  These works will kindly be monitored and partly executed by our workshop head Oebele de Haan.  He will also build a steel bridge between the shaft and the eye clinic’s entrance platform.

I thank all of you for your interest in my building reports and all the feedback that you have given me over the years.

Wishing you all a contemplative and blessed Advent- and Christmastide.  Cordial greetings and may God bless, protect and guide you, Udo

The painter has a lot of catching up work to do.
Putting up the partition walls in the toilets.
The attica’s upperside has been plastered with camber.
The iron-bending shelter has been deconstructed and the sandpit can be filled.
The access to the lift.
The sixth section reaches right up to the eye clinic’s roof overhang.
Putting up the internal formwork.