Two Who Can’t Get Enough

Saturday afternoon, 2am: we are finished with the “official” daily workload on the construction site. Burkhard Jochum turns on the sawing maching. As of Monday, he wants to start gluing another 40 doors. The wood in front of the workshop has 48 more hours to dry in the sun.

3pm: The truck train from Lima arrives. Numerous tons of materials need to be unloaded. Burkhard Jochum and Jockel Mangold get going immediately. In reality, Mr Mangold had planned to spend a few vacation days in Peru. But what’s more relaxing than sweating for a missionary hospital.

4pm: Our two friends are in the laundry facility of the hospital. A projector is projecting the Diospi Suyana logo and signage on two big boards. They trace the outlines exactly onto a white background, making the stage design for the hospital inauguration.

It is this enthusiasm of our volunteers that is contagious.

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