Two good fairies on the Covid-intensive care ward

One is an occupational therapist, the other a physiotherapist

Of the 98 severe Covid cases at the Hospital Diospi Suyana only 23 patients have died: a remarkably good result.  How was that possible?  Surely the modern and reliable equipment on the intensive care station plays an important role.  But more valuable than the technical equipment is the unbelievable commitment of the nurses and doctors.

In today’s news, however, we focus on the physio- and occupational therapists who further the patients’ lung-functions and the muscles of those infected with their countless exercises.  This factor cannot be underestimated, since without the dedication of the “good fairies” our intensive care staff would be in a worse position fighting against death for the lives of the patients.

A cordial “dankeschön” for these ladies’ selfless service.  They play a key role./KDJ.

Breathing exercises with a Covid-patient on the intensive care station.
Mobilising the upper body.
The fairy on the left is called Susi Rottler, the one of the right Helen Högn.
They do the same thing on the Covid-isolation-ward so as to prevent these ladies having to be moved to the intensive care ward.
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