TV Crew Visits Diospi Suyana’s Kids Club April

Yesterday, two reporters from Peru’s Canal 2, visited the Kids Club. About 300 boys and girls came to participate in the three group sessions.

In November 2005, Lyndal Maxwell from Australia and Dr Martina John from Germany started to meet with about 15 kids on a regular basis. Since then the group has grown to about 350 participants, who are so eager await every session, sometimes pushing in the door.

Diospi Suyana stands for a positive start in a region full of sadness. The hospital will be inaugurated in August. At the same time, we will be serving the kids via the Kids Club and while the Diospi Suyana medical teams will visit patients in the various villages.

The work is tiresome and exhausting. The number of team members is limited. But God’s blessing is apparent in many ways. The hope is God’s love in Jesus Christ.

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