Total lockdown in 10 Peruvian States / Provinces

No further intensive care beds are available

The interim Head of State Francisco Sastegui had no choice but to prescribe bitter medicine for his country.  Yesterday evening in his address to the nation he announced a complete lockdown in large swathes of Peru starting on 31st January.  The intensive care capacity has been used up.  Countless patients are waiting in long queues outside the units that hold the respirators.  The death toll is sky-rocketing.  Apurímac is also affected by the new measures.

As of 31st January public life will be reduced to a bare minimum in the areas marked red on the map.
Family Meiswinkel on board the aeroplane.

With the help of the Peruvian Ambassador Family Meiswinkel made it on board a plane that is currently flying them to South America.  The final stretch was incredibly nail-biting, despite them having the approval of the Foreign Ministry.

We hope and pray that the family will reach our guesthouse in Lima safely today.

Dr Friedemann Meiswinkel has two qualifications.  In times of the Pandemic he will be needed as an emergency physician as well as a traumatologist.

These are hard times especially for those who are risking their own lives to save others.



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