Three impersonal palettes are given a face

Huge donation from Smith & Nephews

A couple of hours ago three palettes loaded with boxes were delivered to SMS Medipool’s warehouse in Wiesbaden.  Inside are a donation in kind from Smith & Nephews.  Such a piece of news is not something that causes the reader to start jumping into the air. But now it gets personal.

David U. is lying on one of our wards.  For several months now the Quechua who is paraplegic has been suffering from a deep wound on his posterior.  Treating this soft tissue defect is difficult and expensive.  We tampon the wound with sponges and seal it under a vacuum.  Not an easy task.  A while back our surgical department asked Tobias Lächele whether he would be able to organise a donation of materials.

The medical technician knocked on the door of his former employer in the Herz-Zentrum-Bodensee (Heart-Centre-Lake Constance). A certain Kay Rössinger then sent a petition to the company Smith & Nephew.  Martina Diamond from the compliance department sent an application to the company’s management team that was subsequently granted.

The value of the materials is €15,500.

David U. has not an inkling of all this.  But he will be the first patient who will profit from this exemplary commitment of the following people: Tobias Lächele in Peru, Kay Rössinger and Martina Diamond in Germany, a company in Great Britain, a French shipping company taking care of the transportation and Detlev Hofmann, also in Germany, for the interim storage in his faithful hands.

So these three brown palettes bearing heavy boxes are the tip of the iceberg of human solidarity.  Diospi Suyana thanks everyone involved in this wonderful story.

It was medical technician Tobias Lächele’s initiative.  He was one of the main protagonists in the TV-documentary broadcast by ARTE over last Christmas.
Patient David U. has absolutely no idea how many people exerted themselves behind the scenes for him and others.  Left missionary doctor Dr Olga Koop and assistant doctor Don Victor.
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