Three hurdles in the Customs Office

It was a tedious affair. The donation from Australia, the trucks from Germany and the 14th container had been held up in Customs. Fortunately, neither the people from the PROSOI office nor Dr John were easily discouraged by unsuccessful visits to the different authorites. Finally the green lights are showing.

Last night Dr John signed a contract with the Macromedica Company for the provision of 168 pieces of medical equipment – anything from IV poles to patient stretchers. The cost will be in the vicinity of $18,000USD. After presenting the hospital project to the directors of the company, they have decided to donate 4 pieces of furniture worth $2,000USD.

On the way from 1 office to another, Dr John still had time to have his shoes shined. The shoeshine boy was pleased with his earnings and Dr John was happy with his clean shoes! In fact it is sad that while some can afford clean shoes, other have to clean them just to survive.

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