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Radio Diospi Suyana

Three days in the Lakewood Church, Houston

A Diospi Suyana stall in the foyer

No lake and no wood are anywhere to be seen, but the church in which a medical missions conference is taking place today and tomorrow in called Lakewood.  Counting more than 50,000 worshippers a week it is the US’ largest local church.

Yesterday evening I took part in a small (!) Spanish-speaking service with only 1,000 in the congregation.  The event reminded me of a concert.  Kleenex-tissues were handed out free of charge in the corridors while the sound intensity was definitely well-above a cloistral meditation or an evening service in an old people’s home.

To some the show appeared superficial, but this first impression could be wrong.  What really counts are changed lives that are firmly rooted in Faith in Christ.  It goes without saying that there are manifold devotional practises and cultural differences.  But one could feel the desire for God during the one-hour-long service – as one can everywhere in the world where people know that they desperately need God. /KDJ

The congregation is emotionally fully with it.
The church with the best church attendance: 50,000 a week would also be above average in Europe.
So that everyone knows in which country the church is located in.