This will not last long

Peruvians’ dissatisfaction with the government is high

Only 14 % of Peruvians still approve of the work of President Pedro Castillo. Or in other words 82% of citizens are not. Around 4% were not sure when surveyed by the CIT Institute. Currently, 12 criminal investigations are underway against Castillo and his entourage. He avoided questioning by prosecutors yesterday by simply keeping the palace doors locked. The popularity ratings of the parliament (Congreso), however, are not one iota better.

A few days ago, the Peruvian Press Council sounded the alarm. A new government legislative initiative seeks to prosecute judges and lawyers if they leak findings to the media in corruption cases. Such a “muzzle” would of course be an attack on free opinion. In the election program of the ruling party (Peru Libre), the restriction of press freedom was a clearly outlined goal.

The frustration of the population is expressed in strikes and critical comments in the media. Only 11 months in office, hardly anyone believes that the head of government will survive his five-year term.