They count among the most dangerous animals in the Southern Andes

And again have caused an injury

The colossus was furious.  Its attack on the left knee of a Campesinos happened without any prior warning.  The bull tore the ligaments of the joint and pushed the thigh bone inwards above the shin plateau.  In the last possible moment the man scrambled up a tree and was thus in safety from the fuming animal.  This incident occurred on Saturday morning and surgeon Dr Lukas Steffen was once again called for.  With the patient under anaesthesia the Swiss man was able to put his anatomy back into position.

Dr Ursula Buck was reminded of her first operation at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  A bull had rammed his horn between eyeball and bone of a Quechua-Indian.  You can also find the report of a severe injury of a man’s flank on our website.  Even a pregnant woman was attacked by a bull and had to be emergency operated on at the missionary hospital.  I could continue this list.

I will never forget one journey I made between Abancay and Curahuasi.  In the middle of the night I drove into a group of four black bulls.  My fender was immediately dented; the animals on the other hand continued on their way as though nothing had happened.

But not the bulls, but the street dogs top the list of the animals that here cause the most injuries to humans.  That is why one should always have some stones in one’s hand when one is walking along the roads at night, because flying stones cause the dogs to seek cover; to bull on the other hand they make absolutely no difference whatsoever. /KDJ (Picture: Ryan Morigeau)

The left knee has been dislocated by the impact.  Through the accident the knee cap has been pushed from the centre to the lefthand side.
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