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Radio Diospi Suyana

They all ask the same questions

Where can we find love?  Where can we find meaning for our lives?  Does a hope exist?

Doris Manco and her friends were once again out and about on Saturday.  In the Quechua-village Totoray 20 children crowded round them and then three hours later in Moraspampa more than 30 boys and girls flocked to them.  The programme consisted of handiwork, songs and games.  Everyone even got a piece of cake.  Everything perfect.  But Christian children and youth work is not primarily done for entertainment.  The young people should learn that a God exists who loves them and who gives their lives a deeper meaning and who wants a relationship with each one of us.

Cake for the children. A rarity in Totoray.
The next club at 11 o’clock on Saturday in Moraspampa.

Even Frank Damm living in the Former East Germany wanted to know whether a hope exists.  The atheist upbringing he was given by his parents did not fill the void in his soul.  The following clip shows how the man finally finds his goal after a long search.  A wonderful story.