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Staff speaks about sexual abuse

To the credit of nurse Patricia Piepiora’s in her work dealing with inter-family sexual abuse of children who attend the Kids’ Club, the Diospi Suyana school has benefited likewise from Patricia’s awareness campaign.  About 100 adults participated in the seminar for the parents and 220 students took part in the further education event in the school gym.

This topic of paramount relevance in a country in which every third girl as well as every sixth boy has been become a victim of sexual abuse in the most different manners. The statistics in Peru show that 75% of the perpetrators come from the immediate family circle.

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Touching a sensitive topic.

Under the slogan “Stop the abuse (PARE)”, the program also dealt with the basics of gender and sexuality. The essential criteria of abuse as well as the caracteristics of the role of a victim and of a perpetrator were addressed.

Our hope is that this contribution will reduce the sexual abuse rate in the families of our students significantly.

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