The umbrella term is solidarity

Some current photos

The sun shines above the clouds.  Energy, warmth, light and water are essential for life on earth.  One can only look at our world, because it has all these things that enable the observer to live (the anthroposophical principle).  If God had not fine-tuned all these parameters, we would not exist. (The picture above was taken by John Lentink.)

The central buildings of the Hospital Diospi Suyana.

Breath-taking pictures taken by a drone are almost expected these days.  In the centre of the photo you can see the hospital church.  Front left are 16 doctor’s rooms for outpatient care.  To the very left and only half visible is the orthopaedic workshop.  Only Daniel Müller knows how many patients without arms and legs have gone out through the door beaming.  In the workshop that can be seen in the upper left-hand corner furniture is made for the hospital and the school.  Last week we crossed the 414,000 patients-treated mark.  The kitchen, dining room, physiotherapy and occupational therapy rooms are located in the middle wing; on the first-floor part of the administration offices are located.

The two floors in the middle third behind are home to the inpatient- and intensive care units.  The storerooms to the right of them contain thousands of medical products.  Below them 13,600 operations have been performed to date.  The three-storey building at the end of the complex is home to the Media Centre with its radio and TV-studios.  A small part of the Amphitheatre’s tent roof protrudes into the picture on the far right.

To date 66,000 patients have been treated in the Eye- and Dental-Clinics (front right).  The large one-storey building in the front houses the waiting room (on the left), the pharmacy, the laboratory and the x-ray department (on the right).  (Picture taken by Dr Benjamin Zeier).

Roughly 0.15mio private individuals and 230 companies have made the building and the running of the hospital possible.  Udo Klemenz invested ten years of his life in order to oversee the building-works of our various institutions.  For many people who hear of Diospi Suyana these facts are a proof that the combination of solidarity, faith and blessing can bring about breath-taking results.  During his visit Head of State, Francisco Sagasti, used the expression of the mustard seed that has grown into a large tree when talking about Diospi Suyana.

The reader needs to be reminded that hospital, school, media centre and the children’s club house came into being without help from the government or from the UN.  Debts and loans play absolutely no part in Diospi Suyana’s story.  During the construction phase we always lived from hand to mouth, trusting in God.

Medical technician Tobias Lächele replaces a cable in the CT.

Since its foundation 200 long-term missionaries have worked in an honorary capacity at the hospital in Curahuasi, each supported by a private circle of friends.  An infallible sign of great solidarity.  If we assume that each circle of friends contains on average 50 individuals, then over the years 10,000 people have made it possible that missionaries could work here.  (Picture John Lentink).

The boxes are for Diospi Suyana.

Two days ago the aid organisation “humedica” announced that it will donate 15 palettes of medical products to the missionary hospital.  Non-medics can hardly imagine how expensive the medical products are that a hospital needs on a daily basis.  The value of the donation is a five-digit sum.  That is what we call solidarity!

The swiss aid organisation “Hiob International” has supported Diospi Suyana since 2007.

Diospi Suyana’s Container#73 will be packed coming Thursday, 1st April, in Steffisburg, Switzerland.  Then within a couple of hours 50m³ will be filled with furniture and medical equipment – including 8 boxes with operating theatre clothes. (see picture).

It is a well-known fact that we are all currently living through a historical exceptional time.  The health- and economic crisis will probably cause political mayhem in the near future the extent of which we cannot imagine.  But in the midst of all difficulties the missionary hospital Diospi Suyana functions, because it is carried by countless people and is under God’s blessing. /KDJ

Looking into the outpatient area.
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