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The throat and the dog

Loving pets can be dangerous

A couple of days ago the three year-old Pedro* underwent an emergency operation at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  The reason: a deep dog-bite in the throat area.  The parents told us that one of their own dogs (fortunately all of them had been vaccinated against rabies) was the perpetrator.  Canine distemper, a further disease, that can lead to aggressive behaviour in animals is, however, harmless for people.

The small patient was treated by Dr. Tim Böker und Dr. Thomas Tielmann and was let home the next day.
Being bitten by a dog is no small thing.  Had the dog bitten through one of the deeper carotid arteries the boy could have died.  We advised the parents that they should euthanise the dog in question.

I advise those travelling to South America to get a Rabies vaccination.  Since one cannot heal rabies, the prevention has a high priority.  Every year roughly 60,000 people die worldwide through this viral illness (*name changed).