The surprise candidate

No one expected this unbelievable development

If Chris de Burgh had known Sonja Müller, he would have called his world hit “Lady in black”.  The lady sitting on the couch appeared out of the blue.  Put in a nutshell: she wants to leave for Peru in 2021 and bring the Hospital Diospi Suyana’s dental laboratory back into shape.  Her work-experience as a dental technician and her motivation seem to predestine her for this challenge.

Sonja’s mother was our head-hunter.  She lent her daughter Diospi Suyana’s newest book “Walking on the water”.  Not much time passed between Sonja reading the book and sending us her application.  This is great news for our dental clinic and we hereby cordially thank Mrs Müller Senior.

Sonja is a born-again Christian and her faith plays an important role in her wish to invest a minimum of three years of her life for the poor rural Andean population.  In doing this she is neither looking at her financial bottom line, nor is she looking for stardom, nor does she want to get away from it all.

We are now counting the days until the lady hailing from Baden-Württemberg disembarks the aeroplane at Lima Airport.  In the meantime we will gladly give the cupboards of the laboratory a good dust-down so that everything looks spick and span when Sonja arrives.

Picture caption: Olaf Böttger, chairman of Diospi Suyana e.V. (right) and missionary doctors Johns (left) in absolute high spirits.

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