The second last report from Udo Klemenz

Dear friends of Diospi Suyana,

This week there has again been a lot of work done.

Firstly, the installation of 2 more sets of solar panels has progressed rapidly. Secondly, the electricians have had their hands full getting the high tension cables that arrived last week connected into the hospital. The finishing work on the storerooms above the surgical department is continuing, not to mention so many other small jobs that are constantly being checked off the list.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle in progress, the last missing pieces are slowly but surely being put into place.

In order to get our ventilation and exhaust system up and running at an acceptable standard (ie. lower noise levels and lower airflow), we have separated from the company who did the original installation and contracted another professional company from Lima. We’re hoping that we can also check this important item off the “to do” list in the next 2-3 weeks.

Many greetings from currently cool and wet Curahuasi!


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