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The Power of Positive Thinking

Many years ago, the book, “The Power of positive Thinking”, topped bestseller lists. The idea that a positive attitude leads to good results, however, was not new.


Many of the challenges that Diospi Suyana has before it can not be managed with the “positive thinking”. Yesterday we received the news that the tax office in Cusco could to remove us as a “non-profit-organization” because of the construction of the school. In such messages, I pipe down. I know that the discussions with the authorities are completely unpredictable. Sometimes I have a feeling of underlying fear and I ask what unpleasant surprises await us.


In the New Testament, Peter writes: “Cast away all your worries on Him” (1. Peter 5:7). 


Is the apostle speaking of the power of positive thinking? Does he want us to perform a mental exercise, to get rid of our emotional ballast for a few hours? No, because the verse contains a small but immensely important postscript. " … that He cares for you!"


If we, as Christians, unload our worries and fears on the cross of Christ, we do so in the hopeful certainty that God intervenes in a real and very practical way. My positive attitude is thus based on the past experiences of God’s faithfulness. My worries I hand over to God. About 1000 years before the birth of Christ a king wrote: "He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake!" 


Diospi Suyana signified, "we trust in God." This sentence is not just lip service, but an expression of our whole hope and deepest longing. The countless resistors that have repeatedly built up in recent years and before us threaten, result in an important realization. Without God’s blessing, his care and management Diospi Suyana would never have arisen. / KDJ