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Diospi Suyana – faith in the endurance test

“You will fail!“… said many when doctor-couple John founded a modern hospital for the descendants of the Incas in Southern Peru.  For they lacked everything: money, contacts, equipment, staff.  But thanks to a string of inexplicable events their dream turned into reality.

“It won’t go well for long!”… is what others prophesied.  But the hospital keeps on expanding and apart from medical buildings a school and a radio- and TV-programme have also come into existance.

“Diospi Suyana is and remains threatened!”  In this point the sceptics were right.  Hostile and envious people, bottlenecks and setbacks put the whole project in danger again and again.  But for millions of spectators across the world Diospi Suyana has become a fascinating endurance test of faith – with the question: Can one truly walk on the water?

“Diospi Suyana is an exceptional project!” ZDF-television (The German equivalent of BBC2).

“A love story that is truly a life’s work!” Johannes B. Kerner, journalist and TV-moderator in the TV-live-gala “A heart for children” 2019.

“I have seen and heard of countless fantastic stories during my life, be it on cinema-screens, in books or from hearsay.  But this story tops them all.” YouTube-Comment.

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