The movie of Diospi Suyana goes around in circles

Jakobus Schneider, Micha Spannaus and Mario Meyer made the 32 minutes long Diospi Suyana movie in the second half of the year 2007.

The movie will be translated and updated in English and Spanish. A Peruvian team could already start work in November. The destination is to broadcast the documentary in one of the biggest tv channels in Peru.

In any case both, Jacko Schneider and Micha Spannaus, will have a lot of work. To update the movie, a second journey to the mission hospital could also be possible in summer 2009.

They came together with Dr. John and discussed their ideas. We are anxious to see where this plans may lead.

One small episode to close with:

Jacko: Klaus, do you need a flat screen in the hospital?

Klaus: Yes, for our second waiting room. Why? Could you get one?

Jacko: It’s right there! (42 inches and donated)

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