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Radio Diospi Suyana

The Media Centre is very popular

Quality out of the radio

What most radio stations transmit across Peru’s mountains is a mixture of warmed up repetitions of old programmes, adverts and nonsense.  To these the Christian Family Radio Station “Radio Diospi Suyana” offers an excellent alternative.  It is important for us that we include several topics including health, politics and upbringing.  The growth potential for our channel is huge and the need enormous.

Up til now Diospi Suyana has six radio frequencies.

Visitors and patients are offered small pocket calendars that fit in every purse.  On the back of which the frequencies of our programmes in the States of Cusco, Puno, Madre de Dios and Apurimac are listed.

In Curahuasi our car radio is tuned to the frequency 103.7.  It is a real joy to be able to listen to high-standard entertainment and a great message. /KDJ



Varnishing tables for the Media Centre’s second storey in front of the carpenter’s workshop