The man with two arms

Piter Hilares is our patient of the month

He is 48 years old, married and has two children. Since his elementary school education, he has earned his living as a handyman doing various jobs. Ten years ago, he obtained employment in the workshop department of the mission hospital. Yesterday, Piter was without a doubt the happiest man in the Curahuasi district. This is his story:

…he is 28 years old and works for a few weeks in a liquor factory. Piter will never forget one particular day in 2003. He stands at the fan machine and refills sugar cane. That’s when the heavy metal hanger catches his right arm. A brief moment that changes his life forever. He was brought to the regional hospital in Cusco as an emergency case. The trip takes several hours and because of the heavy blood loss, it is not certain that he will survive. In the operating room, the traumatologists have to amputate his right arm…. a bitter fate.

Sr. Piter Hilares -now also with a right arm

Sr. Hilares, despite being one-armed, has done incredible things on our workshop team. He has been involved in all construction projects over the last 10 years. He helped unload various containers and took care of the exterior of our properties. He was actually seen working everywhere with great skill and diligence.

Since Tuesday, February 8, 2023, no one can see his disability. Christian Haupt, master orthopedic technician, presented Piter with his new prosthetic arm. Afterwards, his colleagues congratulated him on his achievement by right handshake.

In conversation, the curahuasino says: “I thank God that I can work at Diospi Suyana!”

In the past he had to listen to many mean jokes. That’s over now. What Christian Haupt and Daniel Müller do at the Orthopedic Center not only moves flow measures, but the lives of many people from all parts of Peru. Thumbs up for the company “Frühauf Armprothetik”, for their active support with materials.

Last check before completion. On the right you can see the artificial arm.
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