The last five months of construction time fall in the rainy period

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, After a full week of dry weather with temperatures around 30° C at lunchtime it has turned cold and rainy today – no sign of sunshine anywhere. The rainy period is approaching.

Screed work on the first floor of the administrative building has been completed; next will be the ground floor. External plastering at this building is also making good progress.

On the top floor of the sports hall all supports in the stage area have been concreted and masonry work is going well. However, the toughest jobs are still ahead of us when it comes to working in lofty heights. Still, I am confident that we’ll be able to get those jobs under our belt.

The ceiling above the changing room area is being encased.  More effort is required here since this section of the building is skewed.

As regards the kindergarten house, foundation works have been moving ahead at a slower pace this week due to capacity constraints. Individual fundaments, however, and part of the foundation beams have been concreted since.

The building team wishes everyone a relaxing weekend.


Johannes und Udo

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