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The golden stars hang resplendent

From Matthias Claudius to Curahuasi

In 1779 Matthias Claudius composed the most well-known German folksong: “Der Mond ist aufgegangen” (The moon has risen).

The fifth verse goes as follows: „So legt euch denn, ihr Brüder, in Gottes Namen nieder; kalt ist der Abendhauch.  Verschon uns, Gott, mit Strafen und lass uns ruhig schlafen. Und unsern kranken Nachbarn auch!

(Translation: So then, brothers, in God’s name lie down on your beds, cold is the evening’s breath.  Spare us, o Lord, from punishments and let us and our ill neighbour sleep peacefully this night).

Many ill neighbours exist in Peru.  But are they able to sleep peacefully?  On my way to work I get talking to two women waiting at the hospital’s entrance.  One of them has come to Curahuasi from Lima – she wants to see an internist – while the other comes from Ayacucho State and has waited outside the hospital for several days to get a coupon.  That afternoon Dr David Brady tells me that the day before he had treated a man living in Cajamarca – the city in Northern Peru is located 2,000km away from the missionary hospital.

Taking into account this run on the hospital one could come to the conclusion that everywhere in Peru “ill neighbours” go to bed at night without a hope of receiving good medical treatment. /KDJ (The picture above was taken last night of the sky above Curahuasi).