The egg of Columbus

A good idea well implemented

Admittedly our endoscopy-suite is somewhat small.  For more than 10 years a device tower stood between the two doors that lead into the room.  Everyone who opened the doors had to knock either against the patient stretcher or the medical cupboard.  Thanks to Sabine Teichert who took over the coordination of the department a few months ago some decisive improvements as to the positioning of everything in the room have been made.  The above picture shows a clearly-structured and successfully-laid-out room that creates a relaxed working environment.  One could have made this positive modification 14 years ago, but no one thought of the egg of Columbus.  But then nurse Sabine Teichert came on stage…

In the endoscopy department we will soon have performed 3,000 gastro- and colonoscopies.

Picture caption: the Bolivian doctor Dra Karla Aguilar is just performing an endoscopy on a Quechua-Indian.  Nurse Sabine is assisting on the right; two Peruvian assistants are standing on the left.

As the room used to be: performing endoscopies between two doors.