The doctors in Lima told me: “I must die!”

The doctors at the mission hospital said: “You may live!”

Donna Berta lives in poverty near Peru’s Capital Lima.  Poverty is hard, but normally it does not hurt.  Since a couple of months, however, the pain in the Peruvian’s left flank increased steadily until she could finally stand it no longer.  She had no money to seek medical advice, but in her desperation she scratched together all she had.

The words from the doctors in Lima destroyed all her hopes: “You will have to die.  Prepare yourself and get ready for death!”  You can imagine how Berta felt.  Was there really absolutely no more hope for her?  She then took a bus and drove 20 hours to Apurímac State where she had heard that a missionary hospital existed where doctors, motivated by their faith in God, did everything in order to help their patients.

Urologist Dr Benjamin Zeier performed the necessary diagnostical procedures.  The reason for her suffering was not a tumour, but a huge stone in her left kidney.  Using a modified operation-technology Dr Zeier opened the kidney, smashed the stone and totally removed all the material.  Experienced Dr Lukas Steffen assisted in the operation.  A temporary splinting of the ureter through a catheter quickened the healing process.

Yesterday Dr Zeier removed the catheter and wished the patient all the best as she headed home.  Berta is healed and over the moon.  We at the Hospital Diospi Suyana are especially pleased when we can help people who have reached the end of their possibilities. /KDJ

Urologist Dr Benjamin Zeier (centre), opposite Dr Lukas Steffen is assisting.
The left kidney has been opened.  The renal pelvis cast stone is first smashed and then removed.
The complete stone material is outside of the body.
The wound has been sewn up.