The dispute with the Clinica Hampina Wasi seems to be won

The legal dispute before the trademark patent office Indecopi lasted almost five years

Hampina Wasi Clinic is located in the town of Andahuaylas about four and a half hours drive from Curahuasi. The owner of the facility thought up a criminal strategy in 2018. In order to misuse the good reputation of Diospi Suyana Hospital for his own purposes, he copied the official logo of our mission. Patients were supposed to think his clinic was, in a sense, a branch of Mission Hospital. Although our logo had long been trademarked in Peru as well, the fight lasted half a decade.

Now Hampina Wasi has replaced the sun with a lion’s head. And our diamond-shaped red cross became angular with parallel lines. The very last verdict of Indecopi is still missing. But Hampina Wasi has bowed to the facts. We thank the lawyers of Chancellor Olaechea who voluntarily represented Diospi Suyana. With success as you can see. /KDJ

Five years ago, the Hampina Wasi clinic copied Diospi Suyana’s logo to attract patients.
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