The Diospi Suyana School – bright to cloudy

With a risk of thunderstorms

Head of school Christian Bigalke reports: “This is how one could describe the Diospi Suyana School’s situation: God is standing extremely close to Diospi Suyana School’s team, parents and pupils during this time of crisis:

  • So far no member of our large school community is (known to have been) infected with the Corona Virus.
  • Our organisation’s emergency fund has helped affected parents and has kept the number of pupils that have left to a minimum.
  • We are allowed to distribute and collect teaching materials on a weekly basis.
  • We can reach almost all of our pupils through virtual media (the above photo shows a teacher supervising a pupil at a distance).
  • Tirelessly the teachers strive to ensure that their pupils attain the best possible teaching-progress so as not to lose one whole school year.
  • Teacher Claudia Steffen, who will coordinate the kindergarten from September 2020, was able to come to Peru.
  • The school is maturing greatly as regards curriculum, methods, evaluation and administrative structures.

These are all reasons to be very thankful!!!

At the same time we ask all of our friends, promoter and fellow-prayers of our missionary work for prayer support today:

  • Many pupils remain at home alone, as their parents cannot deal with the situation.
  • Domestic violence and misuse are now harder to discover.
  • It is hardly possible to supervise pupils with learning difficulties.

One other dimension is also very unsettling:

  • Back in April the State has given up the school year for all pupils of State Schools, as it only offers a minimalist distance-learning programme that is rife of deficits.
  • The Education Ministry is intervening massively in the Private School sector.  Parents are exhorted to enrol their children in Public Schools.  The State strives to subdue the Private Schools under closest control, while State Schools’ reports exist that have been written without even consulting the school in question.
  • In new bills one can see that the government wants to make Private Schools a thing of the past.

We cordially thank you for your prayers and trust God to work powerfully!”

Annotation: to date over 2,000 Peruvian Private Schools have gone into liquidation.

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