The Diospi Suyana film – coming to you!

The long awaited film about Diospi Suyana is finally ready! Three young men (from Wiesbaden traveled to Peru to collect film information at the actual location. Mario Meyer, Jakobus Schneider and Micha Spannaus) traveled to Peru to collect information for the film at the actual location. They returned home with many hours of material to sift through. For weeks they sat in front of the computer cutting and editing scenes to make the 32 minute film. All this was done on a voluntary basis as there were no funds for the project. We offer many, many thanks to these three! Their work has been priceless!

Right now we are making preparations so that we can send everyone a DVD about the story of our mission hospital. All this has been made possible by Mr. von Ameln, the manager of Interdisc from Alsdorf, who’s generosity has made it possible for us to copy the film for the unbelievable price of 37 cents each!

Read for yourselves …..

” Dear Ms. Bauscher and Dr. John,

As we already discussed on the phone, I find your project both interesting and commendable. We, as a small company, simply don’t have the resources to make a full, direct contribution to this project. However, I would like to offer to produce the copies at cost price and hope we can make this small contribution to you. Should you have any further questions, please call me.

Your sincerely,

Stephan von Ameln

For this generous offer we would like to thank Mr. von Ameln very much.

The DVD will go out along with our next Newsletter. If you have not yet subscribed to receive our Newsletter, please contact us at – e-mail:

We are working on an Engish and Spanish version as well.

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