The construction projects never stop

Four projects were worked on yesterday

Many years ago a wise man – his name was Udo Klemenz – said that the projects at Diospi Suyana will never come to an end. Yesterday seemed to confirm this statement.

1. tiling work continues unabated at the campsite 1 toilet block. The outer metal doors are set and in the near future will follow the installation of sliding windows.

2. the old mill between campsites 2 and 3 gets its own roof. After decades of neglect, Diospi Suyana wants to protect this relic from ancient times from the rain.

3. the storehouse above the hospital looks better every week. If the 60 m2 is not enough, an identical cottage should be built in the immediate vicinity.

4. the new incinerator from England has been waiting to be installed for several months. Now is the time. The advantages of the exchange model are, on the one hand, its larger volume and, on the other hand, more modern technology.

The hospital still needs about 1000 patient visits to reach another milestone (half a million).

The metal doors of the upper toilet building are installed.
Future festival attendees will be pleased. White walls to match the white clouds.
The remaining walls of an old mill are protected by a roof. Installation of posts and metal beams.
The walls of the storage shed are plastered. Diospi Suyana urgently needs more storage space.
The old incinerator will be replaced by a new one with modern technology. Welding work on the roof above the furnace.
The place for the incinerator. Our workshop team is tireless.
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